tk masu diary

日々感じた事などをメモってます。youtubeは「tk masu」で動画アップ中〜



100 % Sanko cr-mo tubing
strong tubes
tapered top tube
gusset under down tube
gusset above top tube
Luke’s favorite head tube design
bulged seat stays near seat tube
tapered seat stays near dropouts, round tips
19 mm D-shape chain stays (dent free)
wide tire friendly rear triangle, up to 2.35″
7 mm investment cast hollow dropouts, peg-sized, for 14 mm axle
integrated chain tensioners through dropouts
Campagnolo-style internal head tube (heat treated)
Spanish bottom bracket (heat treated)
compatible wtih EBS removable brake parts : Flybikes’s Easy Brake System
(parts sold separately)
low weld-on seat clamp with replaceable bolt and nut
engraved logo on head tube
2.33 kg / 5.15 lbs 
2014 colors : ED-black, midnight blue, red clear coating